Lord Michael`s Villiage

In S.O.S.E we have been separated into 3 groups of villages. Each village has a Lord, the Lord’s Lady, a Cook, many Servants, a Messenger, a Farmer or two, and a Priest. Every person in the virtual village has 2 jobs. My two jobs are:
(1)To be the Lord’s Lady, in this job I have to look after my lord in which ever way he pleases, also as the Lord’s lady I will help other woman in mi village to learn how to look after their husband to a better quality.
(2)To be the Lord’s cook, As the Lord’s cook I will help protect my husband from food poisoning and I also know a lot about spices and Cane sugar which can make food very, very tasty used in the right ways.

Mapping Test

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Here is my map!





Lately in sose we have been doing mapping, we had a test today and had to look at satellite picture of some land then draw a map of it we had to show the main road bush, flat land, water, sand, and built up areas the colours we used were yellow, black, green, dark green, orange and blue.




Join the 40 hour famine!

Do you feel the need to help people less fortunate then your self??

Do you feel as if you’re a floater, like you don’t have a part in the world like your just 1 more person?

There is a global food crisis that I bet you didn’t even know existed, and more than 100 million people are being affected all over the globe, over 900 million people are chronically hungry and an astonishing 1.4billion live in extreme poverty.

Did u know that approximately 25,000 children die a day from preventable diseases! Anybody can join and gain donations and help save chronically starving people that are much less fortunate than us!!

 Please follow this link( at the bottom!!) and sign up as either a group leader and get friends and family involved and raise more money or as a single participant (note: if you are a group leader you have to have at least 6 people in your group!)

You will need to sign up within the next 15 days. Please don’t do it for me or your selves do it for the people who can’t help themselves!!!!

40 Hour Famine

Triumphing over Adversity

Triumphing over Adversity


Neil Armstrong –first man on the moon

Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon he would have had to have a lot of courage and faith in his fellow workers at NASA and believing that they wouldn’t put him in danger. He would have had to have a lot of bravery because the full effects on the human bodies were not yet known he was revolutionary in the pathways of science!


Somebody overcoming an addiction to drugs

My uncle overcame an addiction to ice (crystal methamphetamine). He showed will-power determination and honesty. He knew he couldn’t keep on taking the drugs not for himself but for my cousins’ demi, Lucy and Andrew.


Somebody overcoming an eating disorder

Like many stars in Hollywood even the most normal healthy people can get an eating disorder my mums sister had bulimia she would trow up after she ate then eat heaps and throw it up again she said she was scared of getting fat and that she hated the feeling of being full she realised she had a problem when she started seeing the side affects like her hair falling out, constant sore throat, rotting teeth, and head aches even by realising she had a problem she over came the biggest part of dealing with it she shows even to this day determination, strength of mind, fighting spirit, the ability to fight for what she believes in!


Children after a divorce

Children can easily over come a divorce by being loved by both parents and then they don’t get separation anxiety the children that can overcome this with the help of loved ones and family and friends they show a crazy amount ability to adapt!


A returned soldier

Its very, very hard for a returned solider to over come what they’ve been through many aren’t the same after war my great pop was apart of world war two in Egypt, shire lanker, and in papa new guinea he fought the Germans the Japanese, and the Italians , he tried to overcome his adversity he just decided to get on with life as much as he could even though he suffered from really, really bad shell-shock(post traumatic stress syndrome)he would hide and duck when a loud noise was made and he was apparently really sad and angry all the time! He wouldn’t ever talk a bout the war what he had to do or how much he really suffered!


Talking Txt!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve just realised just how much texting has disadvantaged me in a big way with my spelling, punctuation, and phrases!

I’ve started writing in my books things like “u” instead of” you” and “btw” instead of ” by the way”, and when I come to think about it I’v even started to talk txt in everyday conversations.

The abbreviations I’m usually caught using would be:

·     “u” instead of “you”

·     brb” instead of be right back

·     soz instead of sorry

·     lol instead of lots of love or laugh out loud

·     ta instead of to

·     sup instead of what’s up or what’s happening


I heard that in New Zealand it’s ok to write as if your texting as long as the teacher can read and understand what you’re saying.And apparently you’re even allowed to write like that in testing.

What words do you usually abbreviate???

How many times a day do think you would use texting language??

Would/do u ever write as if your texting in a test or normal everyday schoolwork??

Tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adversity-How to over come it!!


I believe that to overcome your adversity is for u to not lie to your self accept you for you and get on with your life instead of holding your self back feeling sorry for your self and making your adversity become Yourdon make the excuses of no I’m too different and no i cant do that because of this get out there be who u want to be do what you want to do and don’t let ANYONE stand in your way!!

Theirs no such thing as fate or destiny you hold your own future

If someone says you can’t do something that you know you can prove them wrong! If someone doesn’t like you because of the colour of your skin, your sexuality, what your hobbies are, or what your religious beliefs are then they are way too immature to realise the big picture that no one actually cares. Think to your self are they really worth being friends with anyway??? I mean what’s so good about them ….the answer is nothing because we are all equals we all have the same rights and if those insecure, immature, stupid people cant realise that it shouldn’t become your problem

What things in your life have you over come that without your determination you wouldn’t have??


♥♥♥What Makes Me Happy♥♥♥

10 things that makes me the happiest!!


(1) People who care

(2) Friends being stupid and crazy

(3) Parties

(4) Boyfriends

(5) Emailing (hotmail)

(6) Networking sites (i.e. MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, Msn, Twitter, Omegle, and Iddin.)

(7) Shopping with friends

(8) Putting make-up on Carly!!!!

(9) Texting pplz

(10) Not fighting with friends!!


what makes u the happiest ????when ur having fun???,alone???,surrounded by peole who love you??? tell me!!!